June 2019


Our goal continues to be providing many more jobs for people living in poverty in India, whilst setting the highest sustainability standards. To achieve this we need to sell more clothes.

The number of leads in our sales pipeline has grown significantly, however the time it takes to realise opportunities has meant the pace of growth of our business has not been in line with our expectations. 

Recent successes include:

1) 100% fair 0% waste production:

- the purchase of certified organic fabrics;

- transformation of our factory to have a zero waste philosophy (so that ever piece of fabric that enters our facility leaves as a product of some sort),

2) sales:

- paying for membership and participating in the Fairtrade Federation (resulting in a new pipeline of sales leads);

- creating a new website and launching the first phase (resulting in fifteen times as many production enquiries as previously);

- expansion of our local store in India (providing an outlet to sell excess/faulty stock);

- expanding opportunities for educating the next generation as well as potential new customers 

Our experience has been that many companies place a small test order with us and then over time place significantly larger orders. We are encouraged that the companies we have supplied so far have placed repeat orders, and we are determined to grow the pipeline with new customers as well as keep our repeat customer rate higher than the industry average.