May 2019


We strive for environmentally sustainable designs and production processes and our new designer is creating some fantastic new styles which our team of tailors is currently sampling. These designs will be sold to long term supporters and customers on, but will also be presented to large companies that are showing an interest in our sustainable approach.

Our school education program is gaining traction as we go into schools to teach the realities of the clothing industry and the huge potential to use fashion for good. We offer a combination of Skype calls between students and tailors, interactive lessons, and the manufacturing of school uniforms. We feel privileged to make the people and the processes behind our clothes 'visible' in school environments.

We have had a number of requests from wholesalers that we become GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) certified. We are currently audited by three separate groups and the financial cost of certifications is a big burden for small companies. We will continue to evaluate the options as we seek to sell to larger entities.

As always, thank you for your support without which none of what we do would be possible