San Marino Community Church & Visible Clothing

0% waste. 100% fair. 

At Visible Clothing we believe in total transparency. We make our people and processes visible so you can have the confidence that you are contributing to a better world. 

We are fair trade and strive for zero waste. From design to delivery, we utilise innovative processes that ensure that every piece of fabric that enters the tailoring centre leaves in a finished product. We want to ensure that our commitment to affordability and fashion is not compromised as we design and produce clothes with a zero waste philosophy. 

True fairness only comes when we make a commitment to people and the planet. As the world continues to consume more and more we believe it's essential to find ways to waste less, produce in smarter ways, and develop new production processes with the environment at the core.

Visible Tailors making San Marino Community Church VBS t-shirts

0% waste

During the process of making the custom organic cotton t-shirts we were left with about 5% fabric waste. Our creative team turned these into scrunchies that were given to the SMCC. A great example of the team implementing our zero waste philosophy.

The zero waste philosophy is incorporated at every stage of design and production, and even in our packaging. We encourage everyone to re purpose their garments after they have finished wearing them! Turning t-shirts into bags is one such example.

100% fair

To us, being fair trade is about treating others the way we want to be treated. We apply this to our internal interactions, policies, and procedures, as well as how we aim to treat our customers and partners. We are members of the Fair Trade Federation USA, the Fair Trade Forum of India, and the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand.

Visible Clothing supplies churches, fashion brands, businesses, and charities with customised fair trade zero-waste clothing. 

In addition, Visible Clothing has two in-house e-commerce stores:

Sustainable fashion for the whole family

Sustainable fashion for every man